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Sing with us

Sönerna are always looking for new singers. If you are keen to sing with us, you are more than welcome to apply to the choir! We have rehearsals on Thursdays between 18:30 and 21:30 at Södermanland-Nerike's nation.

About admissions

In order to join the choir, you must pass an admission. Admissions are held one to two times per term and aim to increase the choir's membership in the hope of developing musically, both for the choir as a whole and for its individual members.

During your admission, you will be able to show your qualities in five tests:

  • Solo singing: You get to choose your own song, which you perform, unaccompanied, for the choir's conductor and four of its members.

  • Pitch recognition : You may demonstrate your ability to recognize pitch. 

  • Range: With the help of the choir's conductor, you get to show your note range.

  • A vista: You get to show your sheet music reading skills with sheet music you haven't seen before.

  • Quartet singing: You sing a song together with three of the choir's members to demonstrate your responsibility for your part.

For more information regarding admissions and when they are held, go to our Facebook page.

If you want to send us an application, you can do so below or by emailing us at

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